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Special Offer - Basic Optimization Plan


Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Services

Search-Engine-Optimization.Com.Jm will not make ridiculous guarantees of top placements for you in any engine. In some instances, search engine rankings can change almost daily, and aside from paid rankings for those engines that offer it, no specific ranking at a specific search engine can be guaranteed. What we can guarantee is that we will optimize your web pages and engineer link building campaigns that will help to ensure that your pages are in a position to compete effectively for top rankings in the engines for your keyword(s).

Our search engine optimization services detailed below focus specifically on the major search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo, Bingo and Top5Jamaica.

Basic Search Engine Optimization Package (US$200 / J$20,000)
  • Optimization of one page only (e.g.
  • Initial site review - analysis of link popularity and current rankings
  • Custom keyword research and analysis to determine the best keywords and phrases to target for the overall site
  • Optimization of the single web page defined above
    • Creation of targeted and optimized meta tags (Includes title, keyword and description)
    • Review of existing web page content in order to suggest keyword/key phrase density, frequency, and distribution throughout this content
  • Submission to the major search engines and directories (if page is not already listed)
  • Guaranteed immediate listing in an appropriate category at the Top 5 Jamaica search portal

Custom Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Packages
We offer custom packages that are inclusive of but not limited to:
  • Complete search engine optimization strategies including site/page analysis & optimization and link building
  • Social media marketing campaign strategies & management
  • Pay-per-click campaign strategies & management
  • Online advertising campaign strategies & management (e.g. advertising on Facebook and sites that are relevant to your niche/industry)

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